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Groups of sustained inquiry of five years or longer that informed the authors’ experience and contributed to this book:

Call of the Times Dialogues • Corps of Discovery • DNDNA of Relationships Group • Duck Club • Le Croissant Breakfast Club • Thought Leader Gatherings • Walden Pond Group


Conferences that significantly informed the content of this book:

Mind and Life Dialogues held at MIT with the Dalai Lama: exchanges
between Buddhism and the behavioral sciences on how the mind works (2003) • 3rd International Congress, Wurtzburg, Germany: Collective Wisdom: New Perspectives for Resolution in Small and Large Group Conflicts, in Families, Social Groups and in Politics (2006) • Assisi Conference: Awakening the Archetype of Wisdom (2006) • Friends (Quaker) Conference on Religion and Psychology: Group Alchemy for a New Consciousness (2008)




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