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In the late 1970s I had the great privilege of living, working and learning with tribal Aboriginal Australians living in remote Arnhem Land communities. I participated in meetings of tribal elders which usually lasted about three days three times each year. From them I gained a deep appreciation of the practice of collective wisdom. For tribal Aboriginal people it is expressed in the law/lore of the Dreaming, which needs to be applied to specific situations and issues through a collective process of discernment. My job was to implement these emergent decisions. Later I found a related process in Quaker meetings, which also has an important spiritual dimension, and in action learning and community development.

I am grateful for your book because I have found it difficult to explain this process you call collective wisdom without long stories, often invoking mystical or religious language. Among other gifts, your book provides a secular language I can use to communicate across cultural and religious differences. In friendship, Ian



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