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Six Stances * Power Over vs Power With * Proving What We Know * Polarization is a Wound * Creating Fields of Belonging * Mindfulness Practice

Six Stances

The Power of Collective Wisdom is the result of a collaboration involving dozens of contributors and hundreds of people from our network and beyond. Stories fill the book, telling of collective wisdom’s emergence in diverse settings, across different cultures, and in earlier times. It also sketches a larger worldview, one encompassing the reverence for life associated with wisdom and the importance of a collective perspective. Throughout the book, readers will be guided toward a deeper understanding of the conditions that make wisdom possible in groups and the characteristics that underlie many successful group methodologies. Below are six stances we believe help us prepare for collective wisdom’s emergence.

Definition: A stance is an attitude and bearing involving commitment and conviction. These are choices of internal perspective and external action that we make in the day-to-day and moment-by-moment interactions we have with others. We believe a stance can be learned and practiced, becoming a new way of being in relationship with others, a new type of human association leading to unleashing the spirit of cooperation and unlimited cocreation in groups.

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